From: Kim Reed, Washington, DC, USA
Date Sent: September 27, 2014
Helmet referred to in testimonial: Fox

“I am so happy that my email made it to you!!! It’s amazing how a thank you email to fox has travelled all the way to you!  And I am glad it did.  First let me start with saying THANK YOU!  We were looking at the conehead technology website yesterday after receiving your email and was in amazement that the foam inside looked the way it did. 

After looking over it I wanted to find a video and came across your 2012 video at the Inventors award, your emotional speech put me in tears and made this incident even more emotional for us.  In that video you mentioned there was two sides to the equation, the inventor and the people who made it happen, well now you can add C…The Survivor to that equation!  I am lost for words!  My boyfriend is alive today because this guy “had an idea”!  Because of you never giving up twenty seven years ago, today in 2014 you can say why, you never did! I can never thank you enough!!!

I am forwarding you several photos (may be in a couple separate emails) of the incident.  If you would like I would be more than glad to send you the helmet for further research, because we would love to know any details as well, if I can get the helmet back because now it becomes a trophy, it would be an honor to have you look at it. 

Here are the details of accident: (sending a video as well)

He (he’s 40yrs.old and 220lbs) was travelling about 35 miles an hour on a dirt path when his bike tire came in contact with a tree stump launching him about twenty five feet through multiple impacts with saplings and trees. When we got to him he was face down (barely alive) in the dirt his head had hit a tree, I removed a chunk of wood actually from his helmet because his goggles were knocked off. The helmet visor broke off and was about ten feet from him, assuming at some point he went face first knocking the visor off. The helmet is scratched on all sides, front, and rear, it looks that the rear received most damage possibly.  As I mentioned before I would be more than glad to send you the helmet for further investigation as we would love to know the extent and how it did save his life.

Please do not worry about the confidentiality, I ask that you PLEASE share this story with your students, speeches, etc. anyone that you possibly can.  We would be more than honored!  And everyone needs to know how your invention helped save his life!!!

Again, I am so glad my email made it to you! If you ever come to Washington, DC or to the States, please let us know, we would love to meet you!  In tears writing this email…As Brian said he would love to meet you and shake your hand, in his words, I wouldn’t be here today had it not been for this man, for he helped save my life!

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!!”

conehead helmet testimonial
Photo: (Left) Brian recovering after his horrific crash and his crashed Fox conehead helmet
Photo: (Right) Brian racing his ATV 450r in better times wearing his Fox V1 conehead helmet

From: Kim Reed, Washington, DC, USA
Date Sent: September 23, 2014
Helmet referred to in testimonial: Fox

Please forward to manufacturing department, etc. Anyone you can share with!

Yesterday my boyfriend Brian was out practicing for his race on his 450r atv when things turned to worse. After clipping a stump he was involved in a horrific ATV crash.  Upon our arrival to him over the embankment he was unconscious and barely alive. Ems took him to local emergency trauma hospital. After stabilizing him I was able to see him. And he was coming back around. After hours in the emergency department he has a broken eye socket, major concussion, and broken wrist.  As we all know this could have been WORSE. Even the doctors were amazed. In all of our amazement even the doctors.  His FOX HELMET helped save his life! (He continually asked for it to kiss it again) doctors said if it wasn’t for that he wouldn’t be alive!!!! On behalf of Brian and my entire family we want to thank you all at FOX and Snell! We hope for a speedy recovery. The helmet now becomes a trophy on the shelf but a life is not replaceable. Thank you again!!!!

From: Klas Johansson, Anderstorp, Sweden
Date Sent: May 07, 2014
Helmet referred to in testimonial: SportAtlas

Yesterday evening one of our riders crash with a direct impact to the head.
ST-1553 with Conehead.
The impact area is really soft.
The fiberglass is totally smashed and you feel the space between outer and inner shell by pressing with the finger.
It did its work!
The rider feels nothing today in the head, just a bad shoulder!
Below you have an image plus from YouTube with the crash “live”
You have the best angle of it after 4,20 min & 7,05 min in the YouTube clip

Plan is to come to you in June
I have a new prototype ( more simple one) of the quickfix.

Best regards

conehead technology testimonial
Photo: Crashed Atlas helmet

From: Ric Svanberg, Brisbane, Australia
Date Sent: December 23, 2013
Helmet referred to in testimonial: Scott Evo

Thought I might share some experiences with you on Conehead in crashes:
I have managed to come down on my roadbike pretty hard on three occasions this year.

  1. ██████████ – non conehead – crit race – high speed wheel overlap – hospitalisation (broken bones punctured lung) – significant side force – significant crack through helmet in two places – concussion and cognitive issues for over 3 months.

The concussion made me rethink my attitude to helmets and I selected the Scott version after discovering your work…

  1. Scott Evo – conehead – awkward fall at intersection – overlap wheel – at slow speed – cleated in – fell across kerb to gravel footpath – significant side force and – visible crack through helmet in two places (observers in group ride said “I hit hard”)  and impact indentation to helmet surface ( larger stone/ small rock)– some abrasions – no concussion
  2. Scott Evo –  conehead – sliding crash on gravel at corner with  helmet impact – classic gravel rashes abrasions and bruises along leg below hip and gravel rashes to arm below elbow – side force to helmet – visible crack in helmet in one location – no concussion – (this actually occurred yesterday 22/12/13)

Although there are some qualitative and empirical differences with each crash – I basically stood straight up after these two last crashes

I am a now a great fan of ‘Conehead’. Thanks once again for your brain saving work and Happy Xmas

Ric Svanberg

From: Louis (1943), Florida, USA (Posted on-line)
Date Sent: April 17, 2013
Helmet referred to in testimonial: Nishiki Pagosa Bike Helmet

Started in-line skating at 69 which may not been the most sensible activity to start doing at that age.

I will say that I did not fall until my third outing and all I can say is that I am lucky that I had a quality product protecting my coconut. I did take a good spill falling to one side and literally whiplashed my head to the pavement hard enough to knock of the visor. Can’t say that any other product would not have been as effective as my Nishiki but I am fortunate that I had this on because I would have been seriously hurt. I was mildly disoriented for a few moments and without the helmet, I definitely would have been knocked out. Don’t chinz on this piece of equipment. Get a Nishiki or at least something equivalent. Highly recommend!!!!

Yes, I recommend this product.

From: Justin Macknish, Quebec, Canada
Date Sent: December 06, 2012
Helmet referred to in testimonial: Kali Prana

I want to take a minute to thank Brad for designing a helmet that literally saved my life this past Wednesday. I hit a tree doing 50 mph in 3rd gear on my MX…. Just enough time to tuck my head in.

You can use the shots for all purposes and you can also quote me if needed. I’m just glad I had a Kali helmet on. It allowed me to walk away…. And race Canadian nationals this weekend in Mont Sainte Anne!!

Cheers to great helmets!

kali conehead helmet
Photo: Crashed Kali Prana helmet

Justin Macknish
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From: Mark Bohn, York County, Virginia
Date Sent: December 03, 2011
Helmet referred to in testimonial: Kali Prana

Please be sure to share this with your peers. I am extremely sincere about this “testimonial”.

Thank you all for making such a fantastic product. I want to take a moment to thank Kali Protectives for most probably saving a friend’s life today. I’ve been in emergency medicine for over 20 years and I know when I see a product do its job and Kali’s helmet did just that.

This guy walked away from his accident today, without a head injury, because he was wearing a Kali helmet. The engineering and construction of these helmets are superb and I feel strongly that they are far superior to many of the other helmets available on the market today.

One of our BMX racers took a hellacious header today on the landing side of a steep double; fell approximately 7 feet onto his face/shoulder.

Our team just started wearing Kali helmets (this was a Carbon Prana). The majority of the impact was taken by the right side of his face/helmet and right shoulder. As I stated, I sincerely feel that if it wasn’t for this helmet he would have suffered quite a bit more. There is no doubt in my mind that a rider’s helmet is his most important piece of equipment. And, this incident is clear proof that a full face helmet should be worn while racing bicycle motocross.

So thank you Kali Protectives! Know that your product not only looks fantastic, wears great but also SAVES LIVES. I can say that because I make a living “saving lives”. I know that sounds cheesy, but seriously, it is what I do for a living.

STRONG WORK Kali Protectives.
Sincerely, Mark