Generations of Helmets

The structure:

The conehead logo technology liner is a shock absorbing foam liner for safety helmets that incorporates cone-shaped structures within the thickness of the helmet liner.

The revolutionary shock absorbing conehead logo  technology liner consists of two layers.

The conehead logo layer (i.e., the inner layer) consists of four different regions of cones or triangular based pyramids made of expanded polystyrene foam of varying low densities which is designed to meet the different weaknesses/strengths of the skull.

The overlying layer (i.e., the outer layer) is made of expanded polystyrene foam of single density which is of higher density compared to the conehead logo  layer.

The generations:

1st Generation – conehead logo

Pic 1

Photo 1: Shows a conehead logo  technology liner = (i) conehead logo  layer + (ii) overlying layer
Generations of helmets2

Photo 2: Shows a conehead logo  layer with cones

Generations of helmets3

Photo 3: Shows a cone exposed in
a test sample of a conehead logo
 technology liner

Generations of helmets4

Photo 4: Shows samples of 1st generation
conehead logo
 technology liners and conehead logo layers

2nd  Generation – (i) triangular base pyramids (ii) cones facing inwards

Generations of helmets5

Photo 5: Shows a conehead logo layer with triangular based pyramids

Generations of helmets6

Photo 6: Shows a conehead logo layer as an outer layer with cones facing inwards.
The inner layer (not shown) is the overlying layer.

Generations of helmets7

Photo 7: Shows the comparison between
1st and 2nd generation conehead logo

3rd   Generation – double conehead logo

Pic 8Photo 8: Shows a test sample of a double conehead logo technology liner =
(i) double conehead logo
 layer +
(ii) overlying layers (inner and outer).
The white dots (iii) are apices of cones

Generations of helmets9

Photo 9: Shows a test sample of a double conehead logo layer

4th   Generation – Super conehead logo

Coming soon

Other Structures Tested – Pencil and Funnel Shaped

Generations of helmets10

Photo 10: Shows a test sample of a pencil shaped conehead logo layer

Pic 11

Photo 11: Shows a test sample of a pencil shaped conehead logo technology liner = (i) pencil shaped conehead logo layer + (ii) overlying layer

Generations of helmets12

Photo 12: Shows a test sample of a funnel shaped conehead logo layer

The Benefits of conehead logo technology in more detail

  • Absorb an impact force more effectively:
  • directs impact energy sideways away from the brain thereby lowering g-forces to the head
  • different foam densities (multi-densities) absorb different levels of impact forces thereby reducing the risk of concussion at low level impacts and more severe head injuries at high level of impacts
  • A lighter helmet (lower mass helmet): to reduce rotational acceleration of the head during impact
  • Segmentation/zoning: to allow the combinations of high and low density foam to be placed close to the vulnerable areas of the skull (child’s skull and adult skull’s) of different thicknesses and strengths
  • Enable the use of thinner liners

“For each different size (i.e., S, M, L, XL) helmet incorporating conehead logo technology, manufactured and sold under different brand names, has its own density signature comprising of up to five different densities.”
~ Don Morgan