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Don Morgan, inventor of Conehead Technologies
Don Morgan, Inventor, Conehead Technologies*

Don Morgan is a Physicist and the inventor of conehead logo technology, a shock absorbing liner for helmets. Helmets with his technology are now selling worldwide under different brand names including many major popular brands. Don is also the head of research and development of conehead logo technology for Hong Kong based Strategic Sports Ltd, the largest OEM helmet manufacturer in the world.

Don has extensive research experience investigating helmets. From 1985 to 1987, he was a member of a research team which investigated the effectiveness of motorcycle and bicycle helmets. The research project was funded by the Australian Federal Office of Road Safety and was conducted at the school of Civil Engineering, Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. In 2000, Don obtained a grant from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau to conduct research into an improved shock absorbing liner for helmets.

Don’s consulting services include investigating impact problems and devising solutions, product development and manufacturing, and crash investigation of motorcycle and bicycle helmets.

Don has also been an expert witness in two major United States of America liability cases involving helmets.

His awards include: the prestigious British Invention Society, World Invention Award for 2012, fourth placing in twelve finalists for the Wall Street Journal’s 2007 Asia Innovation Awards and the winner of the ABC TV’s “The New Inventors” program, “2007 Invention of the Year”.

The awards for helmets incorporating conehead logo technology include: Munich International Sport Business Trade Show (ISPO) 2010 award for Innovation, Indianapolis (USA) Power Sport Dealer Expo 2010 for the best new product and EUROBIKE 2012 for the best designed helmet.

Don holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physics from the Queensland University of Technology, a Diploma of Education from the University of Queensland and he is a member of the Australian Institute of Physics.

The following narrative describes Don E Morgan’s journey as the inventor of the conehead logo for helmets: Download

Success only comes to those who try. If you fail, then so what! At least you tried and learnt from the experience.”
~ Don Morgan

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