The is a revolutionary new shock absorbing foam liner for safety helmets that incorporates cone-shaped structures within the thickness of the helmet liner.


The new foam liner acts like a crumple zone around the head to absorb and dissipate impact forces more effectively than current liners in helmets.


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The Benefits

Lighter Helmet
An increase in compression of the liner
Lower g-forces to your Head


The innovative award winning foam liner for helmets

Represents an enormous advance in safety
technology for all types of helmets. It solves the
problem of current liners being too hard and
stiff and not able to effectively absorb an impact

Is the brainchild of Australian physicist Don E. Morgan
who spent more than 20 years researching the effectiveness of motorcycle and
bicycle helmets and developing the new shock
absorbing foam liner for helmets.

Has been developed and manufactured by Hong
Kong based helmet manufacturer Strategic
Sports Ltd. The company was founded by Dr.
Philip Cheng and his son Norman Cheng, in
1991, to manufacture helmets and promote
helmet safety.


I’ve been in emergency medicine for over 20 years and I know when I see a product do its job and Kali’s helmet did just that. This guy walked away from his accident today, without a head injury, because he was wearing a Kali helmet.

Mark Bohn
York County, Virginia

I want to take a minute to thank Brad for designing a helmet that literally saved my life this past Wednesday. I hit a tree doing 50 mph in 3rd gear on my MX.... Just enough time to tuck my head in. I'm just glad I had a Kali helmet on.

Justin Macknish
Quebec, Canada

After hours in the emergency department he has a broken eye socket, major concussion, and broken wrist. As we all know this could have been WORSE. Even then doctors were amazed. His FOX HELMET helped save his life!

Kim Reed
Washington, DC, USA